Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town: McDuff's New Friend

This is probably the most frequently read book in our house at the moment. Last year at this time it was also a hit but honestly I find myself getting requests to read McDuff's New Friend (Hyperion, Sept. 2001) by Rosemary Wells daily now. And I enjoy it, too. In fact, in terms of its illustrations alone, this is one of my all-time holiday favourites. Illustrator Susan Jeffers makes this story come to life with her cozy and realistic '40s/'50s inspired paintings.

It's a snowy Christmas Eve and the anticipation is building at McDuff the dog's home. At every tiny noise outside McDuff's ears perk up into "the radar position" (my girls love that term) and he barks to alert his owners that Santa may be on his way. This results in the family getting very little sleep but Santa finally arrives with a bump in the night! A sweet story for those who still believe in Santa (as well as for those of us who still believe in the spirit of St. Nick!).

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