Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Case of the Sillies: Ook the Book and Other Silly Rhymes

My best friend sent Ook the Book and Other Silly Rhymes (Chronicle Books, 2001), written by Lissa Rovetch and illustrated by Shannon McNeill, to my youngest for her 2nd birthday recently. It turns out this is the first book she has nearly completely memorized. She loves rhymes. In fact, her favourite character in the book is Eep the Sheep. And, for some reason, when he says the line, "Please do not let that jeep go beep!" she is sent into a fit of giggles. Both my daughters enjoy the rhyming prose in the book but I think ultimately it is the silly pictures that go along with it that makes the book so appealing. The characters are cute and quirky. This one is short and sweet and downright nutty. Perfect for a 2 year old!

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