Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Switching it Up: Children Make Terrible Pets

Peter Brown has a way with creating books that are funny for kids and adults both in his use of animated illustrations and writing. You may know of him through his other books, including Chowder (2006).

Children Make Terrible Pets (Little, Brown & Company, 2010) is a twist on the typical tale of a child and her first pet. Lucy the bear discovers Squeaker, a young boy, hiding in the woods. She takes him home to her mother and asks to keep him. Her mother reluctantly agrees but warns Lucy that Squeaker is her responsibility. You can probably tell where this is going. Lucy and Squeaker have a grand time until Lucy realises caring for a 'pet' isn't always fun. My girls found it hilarious when Lucy sends Squeaker to the litter box in attempt to train him.

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  1. Yay!! A new post. ;) I can't wait for another so I have some book ideas for Brooke's Christmas list. :)